Bloemkwekerij CPM van Dijk grows year round White Heaven lilies with a flower bud sorting of 1 and 2+. White Heaven is very well known as The number 1 Longiflorum available. The White Heaven lily distinguishes itself by its flower bud cave and last ability. This elegant lily is a spectacular appearance which is being called “heavenly” with a good reason. The timeless beauty of an emerging Longiflorum is indescribable and a bouquet of graceful Longiflorums is a true sensation in your house.
Unique selling points: 

- Large flowered trompet lily Ø15 cm
- Big, wide flower bud
- Classical appearance
- Striking proportion between tail, leaf and bud width
- Tall and ferm tail
- Good transport proporties
- Long last ability (12-14 days)
- Tail lenght varies between 50 and 100 cm

The bouquet of each 10 pieces is being wrapped in a recognizable, modern plastic cover with the name and logo of our company. Besides that we are always willing to deliver customized lilies with different length, maturity and sorting.