We are able to grow and guarantee the best quantity year round because we use the most modern cultivation techniques. Also we have a substantial quantity of assimilation lighting which makes it possible to guarantee the A1-quality even in the winter months.

In the plantation the lilies are growing in ideal circumstances, like CO₂, lighting and an inside screen. Every day there is one harvest. The lilies are being sorted wherefore every bouquet is uniform in bud wide, length and tail weight. After the harvest the lilies are put away in Conditionized, fresh water. Afterwards the lilies will be cooled, to make sure that the licensed transport company can deliver them fresh to the auction. The biggest aim is a constant quality and supply. The company distinguishes itself by producing large uniform lots.

At this moment Longiflorums are being traded directly to the end markets as well as at the auction clock. There is sufficient availability to expand the direct sales. We are willing to provide tailor made product in specifications like length, ripeness and sorting. We are a flexible company that will always provide the best service. If this means a special order customized or an emergency order, we can do it all.

Besides this Bloemkwekerij CPM van Dijk adds a lot of value to personal contact with the customer. Every year the company organizes an entertaining event for its biggest customers, for the best sociable and informal contact. Also customers are always welcome to come and see our company themselves…..