The lilies are being produced with the upmost care and attention by the flower plantation CPM van Dijk. Below you will find some tips for the optimal lastibility for your Longiflorums:

Our Longiflorums are being stored in Conditionized, fresh water direct after the harvest. The bouquets of each 10 pieces will be wrapped separate in a recognizable, modern plastic cover. This will keep them beautiful longer and easier to transport. Please don’t transport the lilies in combination with fruit and vegetables. The optimal temperature to storage is 4°C. A lower temperature will cause frost damage; higher temperatures will start the riping process faster. After the transport we advise you to put your Longiflorums in clean water with a temperature of 15°C.

Consumers can buy the Longiflorums best when they are not opened-up. By cutting the tail of the Longiflorums in a diagonal for 3 cm, will allow them to adopt water easier. The lower leaves must be cut off; they can’t be in direct contact with the water. Cutting flower nutrition, if possible especially for lilies, in combination with fresh water and a clean vase will keep the Longiflorums beautiful longer. Without nutritions the water needs to be refrested regularly, especially when the water looks blurry. Longiflorums prefer not to stand in full sun or close to the heater. Also close to maturing fruits is not recommended.

Try not to touch the Longiflorums when they are open. The pollen can give stains which are hard to wash off. If you find stains of pollen it is beter to not rub or use water for removing them. Let the pollen dry and brush them carefully off later. Also you can try to use some tape to eliminate the stains. If the above doesn’t work, try to keep the stains in full sunlight and/or wind. The pollen can also be removed from the flower to avoid the risk of stains. Leave the stamen and pestle attached to keep the most beautiful presentation.